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4 Star Dylan Jordan Who Picked TCU Over NU Will Be Headed To JUCO

Red Reign

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Not the greatest sign for Nebraska.
We got into the party a bit to late. TCU has been in on him for awhile and built the all important relationships. His parents like the school and head coach. Hard to move in late and best out a school with a great head coach and recent success. I thought we might pull it off but its looking bleak as of this evening


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Here is a thought.....since, as of now, next year's class will theoretically be smaller than this years class was (though I know we will have more attrition, hence adding to the 2020 class), figuring in that IF NU fills every schollie this February then they will not be able to add some next year and back fill to this class, and figuring in NU is not getting some of their higher targets (WR that went to UCLA, potentially Jordan) does NU potentially just sign one or two more prospects and hold 2-3 for grad transfers/2020 signees that can count back to this 2019 class?
Nebraska has 16 scholarships for 2020. Then you add the +3 the Big Ten allows to get to 19. Attrition will get them to sign a full 25, regardless of what happens this class.

Twelve String

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From what I have seen on the recruiting sites we are in better shape with Parker, though 247 currently has him a Kansas lean. However, the latest crystal ball pick from Steve Wiltfong on January 18 was for NU, so there may be some hope there.

Fonua appears to be all in with Oklahoma State.

But it’s recruiting, so who knows?!