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4-Star All-Purpose RB Wandale Robinson is N! Named To Kentucky All-USA First Team

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As for Wandale's high school, they have had a Mr. Football, Miss Basketball, Miss Track, and Mr. Baseball.
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From the article in the tweet...
“It’s a very, very good culture,” Robinson said. “If you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to do, you’re going to get called out.”

Who, specifically, might do that?

“Anybody. Everybody. All the older guys, they’re really, really on us, and even some of the younger guys who have been here for a year or two, they’re on us, too.

“They’ll just correct you. They’re not trying to be mean about it. The older guys, they haven’t treated us like, ‘Oh, you’re a freshman, I’m not going to help you.’ They treat us just like we’re another player on the team.

"Obviously, everybody’s in there, working their butts off, doing what they have to do, and everybody knows what we can do this year and what our expectations are. We’re expecting to win every game that we play. That’s something that’s kind of prided upon in the weight room.”

Because they’re all together at some point or another, Robinson said he and the other freshmen already on campus “are about as tight as we can be.” You’ll often find him together with tight end Chris Hickman, while he rooms with quarterbackLuke McCaffrey and receiver Jamie Nance.

Their routine goes something like this: Lift, breakfast, meetings, lunch, more meetings, class … you get the picture.

“If I don’t have a class,” Robinson said, “I’m here, I’m learning something, doing anything I can right now.”
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