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4-Star All-Purpose RB Wandale Robinson is N! Named To Kentucky All-USA First Team


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I don’t think any amount of UK promotion is going to sway him at this point. Lincoln is where HE wanted to be all along.

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I heard a lot of the same things regarding Tyjon Lindsey that I’m hearing about Wandale Robinson about perfect fit, idolizing DeAnthony Thomas, etc. What makes him different that will allow him to fit in better, or is it a similar fit? (@Rawker8)
One big difference is that Wandale did not have a tough knee injury to recover from that he sustained during high school like Tyjon did. Zach Duval will also not have to reshape Wandale’s body so he will hit the ground running and be fully bought in when he arrives in Lincoln in January. Also, going off the rankings, film and stats, Wandale is a better prospect than Tyjon was coming out. So what I’m saying is, all of the intangibles are different and Robinson was handpicked early in the process as a great fit in the Frost offense.


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Any doubt this should put it to bed

Put a 'Do NOT Disturb' sign on the front door of his parents' house, and put a 'No Coaches Allowed' sign in the window facing the front of the house.

Put a garlic necklace around his neck...whatever it takes to keep those other coaches away from him.

We need to keep him on the straight and narrow.

It ain't a done deal til he signs on the dotted line.


I ain't a done deal til the fat lady sings.


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He did sign with us today. :Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2::Corn2:

As salty Husker fans, my parents are motivated to try and hang around for a couple more years after I compared him to the Jet and Rozier.

And 'No', I'm not kidding. They really are motivated. They would love to see the team turn it around before they check out.