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4* RB Dylan Edwards Commits To Kansas State


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I think they are fine not taking a RB unless it's the right one

Not to mention Ervin was a RS after his injury
Which makes sense after taking three in 2022 too
True. With the COVID year and redshirts factored in, we have a lot of young depth at RB. Good chance that there is some attrition after this season, as it is hard to keep 4 or 5 young RBs happy and motivated.

We should be selective, as RB doesn't seem to be a huge need cuurently. Would still be unusual though not take a RB in the recruiting class.
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Any chance on a flip with Dylan? Seems he follows all the recent Husker commits, and Coach Applewhite.


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don't see RB as the current most important issue.

It's how all these disparate pieces can fit together as a team, both the players and the coaches.
We can't even talk about how good these running backs are until our line starts making holes and creases to let our RBs get to second and third level. I think we do have some capable backs.


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He is a K-State legacy recruit highly unlikely he flips

Maybe if the Big 12 implodes in the next few months and K-State is left out of the surviving major conferences? That's about the only scenario I can think of to flip a committed legacy.
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