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4* RB Dontavius Braswell Commits To South Carolina

I do not disagree. My issue was with the other posters assertion that we have no shot in a NIL WORLD. I guess the other top recruits we got are not good enough. SMH.
Thom, let's see how things shake out here, ok. We haven't even entered camp yet. Don't have to be snippy. And I never said the athletes we got weren't good enough to compete. So do me a favor and not put words in my mouth. Opinions are why we come here. You could have responded to me like you did with RR, but chose the low road. I even mentioned that location can be a factor for athletes and in this case it was a big factor. What you don't realize is there were some really big schools who are perennial powerhouses that were also in play and the odds of him coming here were not as great as people were portraying. My overall point was saying that there is even more uncertainty in terms of what these kids are going to do because there is a money factor that comes into play that can take a solid recruit away from you in a heartbeat. You immediately got defensive and thought I was attacking the program because you are conditioned to respond in that manner. Sad times.

Would it be better if we chatted about PI athletes and the need to have a PI Coach on staff? Maybe we could find a middle ground there. :thumbsup:
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Good points on NIL, and I hope you're right.

Good points on the NIL. I've a feeling that several recruits strictly chasing $$ will end up unhappy with their situation in the long term.
I think you will be prophetic with your last paragraph.

Good luck to this young man.


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