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4-8-19 Stats


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Some of us have been concerned about the number of strike outs on offense NU has. The NCAA does not track them, but the BIG10 does...

Strike Outs:
1) Indiana 322
2) Maryland 272
3) Minn 267
4) PsU 258
5) OSU 243
6) Iowa 242
NU 242

1) IU 56
7) PsU 15
8) NU 14

It looks like is IU batters are going up swinging for the fence at every at bat. IU hitting a HR every 19th at bat, while striking out every 3rd batter. NU hitting a HR every 65th batter, and having a strike out every 4th batter.

Team Batting Ave.
1) Mich .293
2) Ill .286
NU .286
10) PsU .236

Team ERA
1) Mich 2.51
4) PsU 3.75
5) NU 3.88

1) Ill .979
7) NU .966
12) PsU .956

On base %:
1) NU .400
10) PsU .342

Opp Hitting %
1) Mich .197
3) PsU .221
6) NU .245

Batters struck out:
1) PsU 278
12) NU 210

Walks allowed:
1) NU 76
3) PsU 109

PsU has a solid pitching staff, but seem to struggle at the plate, and in the field.

1) Rutgers 54
2) PsU 33
10) NU 32

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Thanks for assembling this - very interesting. Somewhat calming on the offensive K rank, though we are a few games shy of most of those teams. Also, given the youth of team, it's not surprising that there would be some whiffage as they get acclimated, and you see that in the numbers for Chick, Gomes and Watson. Mojo and Gelo account for far too many, the former in some critical spots (runner at third, less than two outs) and the latter generally as his struggles this year have been noted. I say this all knowing that hitting a round ball coming at you in the 85 - 90 mph range with a rounded stick ain't an easy thing.

I noted in the Purdue Game 3 post that NU gave up two BB this weekend but seven HBP. We should add those together for a truer reflection of free passes, but overall our guys have been terrific this year in limiting those kinds of rally starters.

Really good stuff. GBR!