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30 Years Ago. The Year of Bo Knows


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It's always an inner-debate with me. Favorite non-Husker sports legend of my youth. George Brett or Bo Jackson.

While Brett was the greatest Royal of all-time, Bo was a magical enigma, like we've never seen since.

I was in college at UNL in 1989. I remember fondly the Bo poster I hung on my wall. Black and White, it read. Black for the Raiders (Bo in Raiders gear), White for the Royals (Bo in KC gear). Seemed like every sports day in 1989 was another Bo Jackson highlight (sure, not quite the case, but legends are created with exaggeration).

We've discussed Bo Jackson here more than a few times over the years. He's always worthy of a new discussion.

Bo Knows.


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Just saw the new cell commercial where he shows up after they "conjure" him up by asking sports legend Bo Jackson, looks a little thick but at least they didn't make him walk.