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3-Star Georgia DBs Tavian Mayo and Jamel Starks


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They need him, Starks and a juco like Tony Wallace. There's a couple other juco corners I would offer if I were them. We'll see if they eventually do.
Wait.. Is that the same Tony Wallace that Riley (and I think Dante Williams) recruited a few years back? Sorry, just saw this comment when @All 'N' 011808 bumped the thread.


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Sounded like it was an academic issue, but I'm not one-hundred percent certain.
Yep it was. He missed his sophomore and junior years of HS because of it too. It's also why he didn't really have the sort of offer list or recruiting ranking you'd expect from a kid with his physical gifts. He was someone that got a lot of looks after his senior year. Nebraska and USC pushed hard for him in December of his senior year. He probably starts for Arizona this year had he been able to stick around.