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Well there are plenty of 6'5" 245 guys out there. Lineage is great but sometimes over rated. That said, this coaching staff is great at evaluating talent and recruiting in general so I would never second guess them. N2FL simply said he thought there were guys higher on our board and with a supposedly small class it was a curious offer this early in the cycle. My initial thought was the same. However, the class size may be bigger than expected. The staff may be planning on taking more ends and outside backers than expected. Thought provoking comments don't need to be construed as negative especially when the poster doesn't have a history of being negative in general.
I know for a fact I am not a negative poster, you are starting something out of nothing.


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Who are our top OLB prospects?
I know they really like Bo Calvert, but he's a USC commit. Would be a tough pull...IMPO Ronnie Perkins would be their best option although I really like Talanoa Hufanga too.
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