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3 Revenue Sports

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Based on release info from the Athl Dept, it shows the FB, MBB, VB all individually have positive cash flow. I wonder what other schools can say that ?... prob very few.

Maybe Penn St, Wisc, ? Iowa because of wrestling ? MN, because of hockey ? im just trying to think of schools whose VB has pretty good attend #s. Nebr VB has numbers like no one else, and barely eeks out a profit. Nebr may actually be the only VB team that makes a profit.

Id be very interested if any school has any profitable program outside of FB & BB?

Any ideas ?


The math can get funny in terms of how revenues are attributed (especially with conference tv networks) but a handful of women's basketball teams report annual profits.

I'd atcuallybe surprised if any other volleyball teams made money. Ticket sales are the leading revenue source in the sport and we lead the nation in attendence every year.
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I’m pretty sure both OU and OSU have 3. OU, football, MBB, and women’s softball.
OSU, football, MBB, and wrestling.

Edit: obviously, during non Covid years. Lol.
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In broadest terms, only football and basketball make any real money for schools, with the lion's share coming from football. Hoops is just not that profitable, save for a handful of schools.

The challenge is that the basketball powerhouses who happen to be large state public universities (big fanbases, etc) also tend to suck at football. Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky and a few others might make some bucks on basketball but I'm guessing their football programs probably bleed money.

Football is a big bet. You spent a lot, you make a lot more - if you're good.

From a financial standpoint if you can't be fairly good two-sport team (see: Michigan State) you're probably going to earn a better ROI as a tiny basketball-only school like Creighton or Gonzaga since you can rake in the money from hoops, keep your costs trim and not have to support a 100-man football roster.

The only other way to make money in college athletics is to be Nebraska, Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, etc., and print your own football money. But it's not something you can just "become" overnight. Even Oregon, who's had arguably the best rise to power in football over the last 20 years runs at a deficit and needs a boatload of Nike money just to stay solvent.
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