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3-31 Both Games of Today's DblHdr - Huskers @ Gophers @ 11:05am


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Lousy end to that. Can't say the pitching failed us this weekend. There HAS to be a remedy for 41 Ks in three games. Chances of scoring improve with a ball in play and a runner on third with ANY amount of outs. They'll figure it out. Like this team despite the Game 2 outcome.


incompetence :Puke:
That might be a little harsh. Like to see you catch someone throwing 90 plus and throw your body in front of 59 foot curveballs. Yes, it is unfortunate that the game was lost that way but to call a kid incompetent for not being able to do something that I bet less then 2 or 3 people on this website were ever capable of doing may be going overboard.