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256 yards


5 Year Member
This is the total yardage we lost in the kicking game today. Either add that to MSUs total yards or subtract it from ours and you quickly see why this was a close game. We actually lose total yardage in this game by about 60 yards. It matters.

Kilgore Trout

2 Year Member
Frost has not recruited a kicker who can kick. Or punt apparently. Osborne relied on his reputation and record and kickers lined up to be part of a championship. It was an area that took care of itself. Frost has to go out and sign up real kickers and punters. Put them on scholarship from day one. It is a part of the puzzle he has neglected. Even at UCF he was able to draw on 75,000 students (did you know UCF is the largest University in terms of student population in America?).