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2024 Class Official and Unofficial Visits


Travel Squad
15 Year Member
Is it March 25th yet? Trying to tamp down expectations but I can't recall a more significant recruiting weekend as this one at least in terms of potential impact to the program.


Practice Squad
2 Year Member
It'll be interesting to see how many (if any) end up committing. Might be a good indicator of where the program stands in the eyes of high school players. Also a good indicator of how well Rhule and his staff can sell the Nebraska brand.


Scout Team
5 Year Member
Heavy hitters. Williams from Lee's Summit is absolutely the type of player I was referring to a few weeks back in my post about our lack of presence in KC/STL the last 5-6 years. We NEED relationships at schools like that because they pump out big time players. Out of our entire 500 mile radius, KC/STL are by far the most significant IMO (aside from in-state obviously).
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