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2023 PG, Simeon Wilcher, 6-4, 165 lbs, Roselle Catholic (NJ) - Offered > UNC > Decommit > St. John's (Walk-on)

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(Seems worthy of its own thread. ;))

No link (yet) but I saw this elsewhere: :Redface:

Unofficial visit in June to help CJ move in and official visit lined up in October assuming for a football game according to Robin.

That was far too positive. We need something negative. How about "This was the best that UNL could appear to this prospect, and he didn't sign immediately." I can't imagine that UNL would have signed 2 5* out-of-high-school freshmen and have them on the same team... and that could be 3 if Isaac Traudt signed in the meantime.

EDIT: Did not realize that Omaha Billiew is the 6th overall recruit for 2023 (two places above Wilcher!!!). HO LEE CRAP
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The Wilcher's father having fun at Memorial (tall kid in black hoody is Omaha Biliew -- shorter black hoody guy is Jamarques Lawrence):

Simeon Wilcher:

C.J. and Simeon Wilcher:


Breaking: Simeon Wilcher asking for a release from his letter of intent to No. Carolina!!!
(Keep an eye on this one!)


Only thing I can find is that he’ll be visiting St. John’s tomorrow.
The Washut article said that Simeon Wilcher hasn't been contacted by UNL and Simeon isn't as interested in playing with CJ as he was a couple years ago. Doesn't mean they won't contact him I guess. Maybe they have some people that are close to signing?

Also, Mongolian Mike is really interested in SF because there are five thousand Mongolian nationals living in San Francisco.


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