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2023 Nebraska Spring Game Thread (4/22/23): Coach Rhule, Players available after scrimmage

I think we saw too many ball control issues at QB, but was that the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th string QB. I thought Sims did a good job and Thompson will be the other fighting for #1 and #2. So to me many of the ball control issues were QBs that probably won't play, or good hard hitting from the defense, which is something we haven't seen for a while.

But the nice part is ball control issues will give Rhule another teaching moment.
Ball control was an issue. But I would be much more worried about it if this were a fourth or fifth year staff. With a first year staff working with guys they mostly inherited, I’m guessing these are things they can continue to work on and improve. Overall it was a mixed bag, but one that has the potential to take a step forward this fall…

There is a lot of time for improvement, which is a good thing because I wasn't impressed. What gives me some hope is when Frank walked on the field at halftime I swear I saw demons lifting up and floating out of the stadium.

Sure not going to panic and I do expect things to get better.
Weakest group looks to be WR, minus Kemp. Ugh.

Defense looks decent. I like the attacking style. I think we'll be ok on defense.

Sims/Casey will be a great duo. RB will be good as well.

Can we find guys for the OL?

I think there were many positives with the new staff and players. We lined up and played real football.

I noticed players are looking more like athletes and glimpse of new speed. I see some real possibilities on the defense with the young guys. The line still needs work.


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