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2023 Nebraska Spring Game Thread (4/22/23): Coach Rhule, Players available after scrimmage

Again it's fair if these are all raw talent guys but many played for us and not all are raw talent guys. Coaches in HS and prior preach ball security. If I hear you right, they are in their heads trying to execute on the playback forgetting the basics?
I think we saw too many ball control issues at QB, but was that the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th string QB. I thought Sims did a good job and Thompson will be the other fighting for #1 and #2. So to me many of the ball control issues were QBs that probably won't play, or good hard hitting from the defense, which is something we haven't seen for a while.

But the nice part is ball control issues will give Rhule another teaching moment.
Back to his original comment, I see his point, should be better on ball security. I've seen posts released from practice of them working on it. Hopefully what the difference between this staff and others is they take the lessons learned and apply real coaching and development from both a physical and mental skillset.
N other news, Wisconsin’s anointed QB starter has led three drives, and has three interceptions. No word on whether their fan base is ready to throw in the towel on the new staff.

Hard to know what you're looking at in games like these. A guy makes a play, but was he a #1 going against a #3? The announcers are talking about everything BUT the game so you barely can catch the name/number of the guy making the play much less who he was going up against.

Obviously guys flash all over the place but what does it mean?

SIms looked pretty good. Purdy looked healthy for the first time in a long time, he didn't look bad. But it is a Sims/Thompson battle in the fall. Don't care who wins, because neither guy is likely to stay completely healthy all season anyway. We'll need them both. Haarberg looked about like I expected--some talent but also some moments where he just doesn't seem to grasp everything. I thought Torres looked like a guy who doesn't fit--nothing personal.

Ervin looked good. Ajay Allen looked rusty. I thought Johnson looked good. I thought Grant looked like the fourth best back out there. Seriously, who many yards can you give up . . . in search of the home run? TAKE the DANG yards aleady! Until he does that, he's behind the others--even though talent wise he is right there.

The TEs didn't show much outside of Boerkircher--who looked good. Gilbert's hands ruined his day. Fidone with only one catch.

Washington with a heck of a grab on the low pass play. Kemp flashed. I was impressed with Fleeks a few times. Couldn't tell much else. Not much to see.

The OL looked okay. Some nice running holes. Some good pass protection. But who knows?

The defense looked ahead of the offense by far. I thought Kai Wallin flashed several times today. Jeudy flashed. Sherman flashed. But mostly, it seemed like front to back, the defenses were playing together and doing their jobs.

Too many fumbles and bad snaps--not unexpected in a game like this. I think I saw three injuries (Jeudy, Corcoran, and Hood). I think Hood returned. Corcoran . . . has he ever been healthy?

Good day to be a Husker. Much work remains to be done.

As always spot on.
I thought overall the defense looked pretty good and played with intensity. I also think the OLine shows improvement. But overall that was sloppy. In fact, that is the sloppiest I have seen since Pelini. The constant errors in substitutions might not be an issue when players are used to playing together in specific situations, But today was pretty bad.
Four interceptions in the Wisconsin spring game… 18:58 to go in the half. Their safety must be amazing… he has three interceptions. Time to go back to the Paul Chryst offense…. Four things can happen when you pass… three are bad.

The biggest weapon for the White offense seemed to be the Red offense who gave them great field position all game long.


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