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2023 fantasy baseball league

Turd Ferguson

There's always next year
5 Year Member
I didn't see a thread about the fantasy baseball league for the 2023 season so I started one.

The draft date is showing as Tuesday, March 21st at 8pm. Any way we can push that back to 9pm?

The draft time is set for 8pm Central time which makes it 9pm Eastern. I have had a request to change the date from March 21, Tuesday, to March 22, Wednesday so I am open to whatever the rest of the managers would like to do. I am also open to changing the time if needed and the rest are okay with it.
I have another draft on Wednesday the 22nd so I would prefer the 23rd. If I am the only one that can't do the 22nd I will autodraft.

Heck if I autodraft I probably have a better shot at having a competitive team this year.

Lol, I hear ya TF. Sure does seem that way at times with an autodraft team being better then being there at the draft.


Hopefully I will hear shortly from the other managers in the league but a decision will be made in the next few days. I am fine with Thursday, March 23 at 8pm central.
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