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2023 Class Official & Unofficial Visits

Red Reign

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Good looking player. Staffs doing a really good job of getting top '24 and '25 guys on campus this June (as well as events like the spring game). Vince Guinta doesn't get enough credit for the job he's doing. Most fans credit guys like Joseph, Busch and Applewhite - for good reasons - but Guinta is a big reason for the recruiting success.

Agree 100%


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No longer visiting. Looking like he's gonna stay in the Pac-12, so it's probably smart for the coaches to put their resources to better use and move on.
Committed to Oregon St. Good luck to him, but kind of an odd choice particularly in light of recent Pac12 implosion news.

Of his finalists, Oregon St. Is the least likely to end up in a good place when the dust settles.