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2022 Qatar World Cup


Feral Cat
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Thanks for starting this thread.

I watched a good portion of the Saudis upset over Argentina. 5th biggest upset in World Cup history.

US-England on Friday. Should be able to watch it all followed immediately by the Iowa game.

As I've said, soccer is huge here in Austin.



Feral Cat
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Traveling/flying today, so can only read commentary on the box score.

Sounds like USMNT is hanging quite well with England through most of the first half.
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What a day on Friday: NE vs. Iowa and US vs. England. If I can go 1-1 that day I’ll be happy!
And both Men's / Women's basketball + Volleyball. We set up a second TV alongside the main screen; but, still needed a third by the end of the day. (My wife is a Hawkeye grad and her two B-Ball teams were also playing).
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