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2022 New Offers Going Out


Scout Team
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Anthony Mix, QB/PRO, 6'3/205 Mobile
AJ Bianci QB, 6'3/210 Honolulu, HI
AJ Duffy QB, 6'1/195 Moreno Valley,CA
Walker Howard QB, 6'0/163 Lafayette, LA

Jordan McDonald RB, 6'0/200 Alpharette, GA
Antonio Martin RB, 5'10/190 Fairburn, GA
Ali Wells RB, 5'10/162, St Louis, MO
Arlen Harris, RB/Ath 5'11 170
Terrance Gibbs, RB 6'/190 Olviedo, FL
Jordan James RB 5'10/193 Nashville, Tn
Emika Megwa RB 6'0/213 Fort Worth, Tx
Jamie Felix RB, 5'10/195 Camden County, GA
Khurtiss Perry, RB/DB, 6'1/186 Montgomery, Al
Juzian Patterson RB, 5'11/171 Deerfield Beach. FL 5*****
Jaydn Ott RB, 5'11/170 Las Vegas, NV
Cedric Washington RB, 6'1/210 Cedartown, GA

Tyler Morris WR 5'10/160 LaGrange, ILL
Talyn Shettran WR, 6'3/170 Edmond, OK
Germie Bernard WR, 6'1/185 Henderson, NV
Mekhi Miller WR, 6'1/180 Topeka, KS
Tetairoa MeMillan WR, 6'3/185 Anaheim, CA 5*****
Luther Burden, WR, 6' 180 St Louis
Kevin Coleman, WR, 5'11 170 st louis
CJ Williams WR, 6'2/182, Santa Anna, CA
Kamari Ramsey WR, 6'1/185 Chatsworth, CA
Kalen Saunders WR, 5'10/155 Westerville, OH
Janiran Bonner WR, 6'1/193 Ellenwood, GA
Mekhi Fox WR, 6'1/180 Pasadena, CA
Caleb Coombs WR, 5'11/185 Washington, DC
Cameron Bailey WR 6'3/ Calabasas, CA
Quinton Conley WR, 6'4/195 Kansas City, Mo
Gavin Sawchuck WR, 5'11/165 Highland Ranch, CO
Kaleb Brown WR 5'11/177Chicago, IL 4****

Andre Dollar TE, 6'5/220 Oklahoma City, OK
Trent McGaughey TE, 6'3/225 Pearland, TX
Micah Riley TE, 6'5/215 Bellevue, NE
Jack Nickel TE, 6'4/230 Milton, GA
Jack Pedersen TE (as shown by Rivals) Murrieta, CA
James Kyle TE, 6'5/220 Widdette, ILL
Tony Livingston, TE, 6'5/225 Seffner, FL

Joe Brunner OT, 6'5/270 Whitefish Bay, WI
Jacob Sexton OT, 6'6/308 Edmond, OK
Sully Weldman OT, 6'6'300 Brookline, MA
Sprucer Buddenhagen OT, 6'5/275 Oceola, Ia
Will Campbell, OT, 6'5/250 Monroe, LA
Jerimiah Jackson OT, 6'3/255 Lakeland, FL
Marion Harris OT, 6.4/288 Little Rock, AR
Ernest Greene OT, 6'5/280 Belleflower, CA
Sloane Vatikani OT, 6'4/285 Reno, NV

Deshawn Woods, OG, 6'3/260 Omaha, NE
Aaron Hicks, OG 6'2/280 Deerfield Beach, Fl
Maarten Woudsma, OG, 6'4/274 Chesapeake, VA

Nasir Pearce DT, 6'2/281 Baltimore, MD
Keithian Alexander, DT, 6'4/340 Terrell, TX
Alton Tarbor DT, 6'3/320 Deerfield, FL
Walter Nolen DT, 6'3/275 Olive Branch, MS
Dejon Roney DT, 6'3/275 Etiwanda, CA

Gavin Meyers ILB, 6'2/210 Hayes, KS
Wesley Bissainthe ILB, 6'3/190 Miami, FL
Maarten Woudsma ILB, 6'4/270 Chesapeake, VA
Tyler Martin, ILB 6'2/227 Cambridge, MA
Anthony Johnson ILB, 6'2/220 Philadelphia, PA
Jeremiah Alexander, lb, 6'2/218 Alabaster, AL
Niuafe Tuihalamaka ILB, 6'1/238 Mission Hills, CA 4****

Justin Medlock OLB, 6'1/200 Marvel, TX
David Baily OLB, 6'3/220 Santa Anna, CA
Jeremiah Alexander, OLB, 6'2/218 Alabaster, AL
Devon Jackson, OLB, 6'2/195 Omaha, NE
Moses Walker OLB, 6'1/190 Brooklyn, NY
Jashawn Barhan OLB, 6'3/205 Hyattsville, Md
Niuafe Tulhalamaka OLB, 6'3/230 Mission Hills, Ca

Andre Dollar WDE, 6'5/220 Oklahoma City, OK
Kenyatta Jackson WDE, 6'4/215 Hollywood, FL

Shemar Stewart SDE 6'6/236 Opa Locka, FL 5*****
Derick Moore SDE, 6'4/245 Baltimore, MD
Khurtis Perry, SDE 6'2/248 Montgomery, AL
Cedric Washington SDE, 6'3/255 Cedartown, Ga
Horrace Lockett, SDE, 6'5/245 Atlanta, GA
Wilfredo Aybar SDE, 6'4/220 Cheshire, CT
Justice Finkley DE, 6'2/240 Trussville, AL
Walter Nolen SDE, 6'3/275 Olive Branch, MI
Dani Dennis-Sutton SDE, 6'6/240 Owings Mills, MD
Anthony Lucas SDE, 6'5/258 Scottsdale, AZ
Dani Dennis-Sutton SDE, 6'66240 Owings Mills, MD

Miles Rowser CB, 5'11/170 Bradenton, FL
Zion Brance CB, 6'1/173 Las Vegas, NV
Marquis Killebrew CB, 6'0/170 Loganville, GA
Malik Spencer CB, 6'0/170 Buford, GA
Dasan McCullough, DB, 6'4/185 Overland Park, KS
Khamar Rogers CB, 6'0/150 Lexington, MS
Jaheim Singletary CB, 6'0/170 Jacksonville, FL
Earl Little CB, 6'0/165 Plantation, FL
Issiah Bond CB 5'10/150 Buford, GA
Jaeden Gould CB, 6'1/18 Oradell, NJ
Xavier Nwankpa CB, 6'2/170 Pleasant Hill, IA
Landon Hullaby CB, 6'0/180 Grand Prairie, TX

Dasan McCullough S, 6'4/185
Rashad Dubinion S, 5'10/173 Ellenwood, GA
Cyrus Moss s, 6'4/200 Las Vegas, NV
Dominic Fields S, 6'0/185 Jacksonville, F
Sam McCall S, 6'2/186, Lakeland, FL
Markeith Williams S, Orlando, FL
Domani Jackson s 6'1/180 Santa Anna
JaVonte MeClendon S, 6'2/180 Lakeland, FL

Fabian Ross ATH, 6'00184 Las Vegas, NV
Travious Latham Ath, 6'1/188 Overland Park, KS
Enai White Ath, 6'5/225 Philadelphia, PA
Landen Hullaby ath 6'0/180 Grand Prairie, Tx
Gavin Sawchuk, Ath, 5'11/165 Highlands Ranch, co (listed as a RB by Scout)
Rashod Dubinion Ath, 5'10/173 Ellenwood, GA
Kevin Coleman ath 5'11/170 St Louis, MO
Kamari Ramsey ATH, 6'1/185 Chatsworth, CA
Kevin Green ATH, 5'10/155 Mission Hills, CA
Genrty Williams ATH 6'0/160
Azareyah Thomas ATH, 6'3/171 Niceville, FL
Tobias Merriweather ATH 6'4/180 Vancover, WA
Cedric Washington ATH 6'2/219 Cedartown, GA
Azareyeh Thomas, ATH 6'3/171 Niceville, FL
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Scout Team
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I would love to see us start having some success in the St. Louis market. Lots of talent per capita there. Ohio St. and Wisconsin seem to get a lot of players out of there.


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SF and company are getting ahead of the curve. Love to see this forethought. There are always a number of quality athletes in the St Louis metro area.


Scout Team
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Anthony Mix, QB/PRO, 6'3/205 Mobile, AL
Luther Burden, WR, 6' 180 St Louis
Kevin Coleman, WR, 5'11 170 st louis
Arlen Harris, RB/Ath 5'11 170 st louis
Aaron Hicks, OG 6'2/280 Deerfield Beach, Fl

Not sure why they are going after a pro-style QB unless he is OK with his feet to, but wouldn't that make him a dual QB?


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Not sure why they are going after a pro-style QB unless he is OK with his feet to, but wouldn't that make him a dual QB?
Sometimes those designations mean little. A couple of years ago, Hunter Johnson was listed as a pro style QB. But his measurables were excellent. His SPARQ score was super high. Much better than most of the highly rated dual threat guys. He's the former 5 star who transferred to Northwestern.


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6'3" 205 lbs as a freshman? once he graduates he'll be 8'6" 745 lbs, will have acquired all 6 infinity stones and have the arm strength to make up for his limited ability to run the zone read.
If he acquires all 6 stones, he'll be able to snap Alabama out of existence!

FWIW, I was 6'3" 250lbs as a sophomore, and I certainly played with and against bigger players. It's good size for sure, but not THAT unusual.