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2022 F Isaac Traudt


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I'm starting a Isaac Traudt thread! He's been offered by Nebrasketball.

He's listed from 6'7" to 6'9", seems to weigh between 185-200.

Lots of highlights coming out for him, getting some summer tournament play in.

He's got some pretty good offers, including Creighton, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Minnesota.
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Red Don

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Brief summary from another site:
Sautter has a piece on Traudt in the OWH this morning - I'll save everyone the trouble of reading it.
  1. He's hearing from a ton of top schools, but still waiting for more offers
  2. He'd be a great fit for the bluebird system (never heard that one before)
  3. NU is not mentioned among the schools actively recruiting him - was only mentioned as having offered him
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