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2022 F Isaac Traudt > Virginia

Red Don

Staff member
10 Year Member
We'll know soon enough!


Husker Geek
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There's no way, right? Unless he is going to play tight end for UNL. I think he's going to Gonzaga to hang with Hunter Sallis. But I would love it if he and Jasen Green became the home-front-court for Nebraska.


Travel Squad
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It’s either a total Gonzaga slam dunk, or he’s going to try and do something special and will be a Husker. I’d be really surprised if it’s any other team.


IMO Isaac Traudt is underrated in his recruiting ranking. Traudt will be a program changer. I can’t stress this enough, Isaac is the most important recruit for the 22 cycle. If Hoiberg can land him, watch out. 3 crystal balls have him going to Virginia. Stay tuned.


Travel Squad
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Seriously, think of their style of play, and what his strengths and weaknesses are. I understand not picking Nebraska, but the Zags or Jays would be much more in sync with his skills. Just seems an odd fit.
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