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2022 F Isaac Traudt > Virginia

Isaac Traudt, the 6-foot-9, 205-pound power forward from Grand Island (NE) Senior High School, says that Creighton, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisville, Oklahoma and Virginia are making him a priority.
Nebraska: “Coach [Fred] Hoiberg started recruiting me pretty early and says that I could come in and make an impact right away. I’ve developed a good relationship with him.”
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Not holding my breath! ;)

What’s enticing about staying home? Creighton, Nebraska, thoughts on them?

“I think a positive of staying at an in-state school would be that my friends and family could come to watch me and see me more. I really like both Creighton and Nebraska and they’ve been on me very hard.”
really gotta lock up the 98 mile radius kids... proximity to campus is a huge DONU advantage on this one for once :Biggrin:

fingers crossed

Welp... UNC offer with Jordan's picture beats UNL with... about anyone.
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Maybe with the players we have coming in, Nebrasketball looks more appealing to him!

Saw this comment elsewhere :Redface: (think it might apply here? ;))

Let this sink in, we have 2 to play 4 year top 150 transfers. A very promising top 200 7 ft center, a top 5 juco player a top 25 player and another top 100 player all in same class...pinch me I’m dreaming.
Actually, following up on that line of thought, I also saw elsewhere someone was trying to determine what Edward's addition does for the recruiting class rankings.

The 247 class rankings calculator:

You can't put Edwards in directly, but putting in a reasonable comp like TyTy Washington (ranked similar to Keon in their respective classes) gives you something like #4; just ahead of Duke.

someone else said:
It's easily top 10, so even if it's not #3, it's gotta be within spitting distance.


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