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2022 F Isaac Traudt > Virginia


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I'm starting a Isaac Traudt thread! He's been offered by Nebrasketball.

He's listed from 6'7" to 6'9", seems to weigh between 185-200.

Lots of highlights coming out for him, getting some summer tournament play in.

He's got some pretty good offers, including Creighton, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Minnesota.
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Red Don

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Brief summary from another site:
Sautter has a piece on Traudt in the OWH this morning - I'll save everyone the trouble of reading it.
  1. He's hearing from a ton of top schools, but still waiting for more offers
  2. He'd be a great fit for the bluebird system (never heard that one before)
  3. NU is not mentioned among the schools actively recruiting him - was only mentioned as having offered him
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That was not an encouraging read. When asked which schools are recruiting him the hardest, Nebraska wasn't listed. Maybe things changed after this article was written and he met virtually with Coach Hoiberg. I hope so.

He’s not coming here. Not going to KU either.


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Folks in Grand Island close to it (realizing they can be FOS! ) say Creighton is a leader, and may also depend on which blue bloods other than KU give a committable offer.
His game looks very good for a system like Creighton. I don't see KU, I don't see one that is loaded with 5* individuals either, so your blue bloods would have to be a specific style. Gonzaga comes to mind.


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I guess playing for Creighton would be fun if your family is willing to drive 3 hours one way to games, but for me, Gonzaga is the Jesuit school one should attend right now if it's a fit. Sounds like he's going to have a lot of choices, hope he makes one that works for him.


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Last Christmas break took my kids to the GI YMCA to get out of the house. Happened to overlap with the Troudt family. I had know clue who he was at the time. He has a younger sister and brother.

This was my thought process.

“Tall kid in here. Looks really young.
not bad...actually looks pretty good.”

I watch some more.
“I don’t know who he is but I bet I eventually find out, cause he shoots really well for being that tall at that age.”

guess I am a scout now.
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