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2022 C Blaise Keita, 6'10", 235 lbs, Coffeyville (KS) CC JUCO, is "N".


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Sam McKewon OWH article (with a lot of good information) :nod:

From the article:

Last year, Keita was too old to play high school basketball, so he had an in-residence year at Sunrise, which did a “great job” of developing his talent, Campbell said.

Also mentions that this year doesn't count for eligibility because of COVID-19. So that explains where his clock is at. I suppose he could redshirt next year and get to Nebraska with 4 years to play 4.

Red Don

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Going the JUCO route, I understand he must graduate from there before he is eligible to play here, meaning the earliest he could get on campus is 2022. With the Covid exception, I'm guessing he may have 4 years to play 3.