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2022 Alternates: Tribute to 1983 Scoring Explosion

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These are barely an alternate. It's basically white mesh numbers and "N" on the shoulder caps instead of the TV numbers. The Winning Tradition patch is gone, as well.

There doesn't appear to be an announcement on when these will be worn, but safe to assume it's a home game since they're red jerseys, but I'd highly suspect Oklahoma. Would be cool if the Sooners had 1980s throwbacks as well.

I like the look, but it's pretty much what we wear already. I'm guessing this means we'll probably wear stripe-less pants for the rest of the year again (boo).

I would have liked to see a gray facemask or the "NU" helmet, although those features are more of a 60s-70s Nebraska look than what Gill and crew wore in 1983.

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I like wearing throw back jerseys much better than alternative jerseys, especially if you are a tradition rich program like Nebraska. Why try and compete with Oregon and Nike when you can showcase your tradition with throwback jerseys.


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I like them....much etter without the sleeve strips. I'd take that as a permanent uni given that Wisky has copied our current uni's
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