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2021 Tailgate Fish Fry


I have squandered my resistance
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There really isn't much of a resemblance until the Logan movies.

I didn't realize it until I was in Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta a few years back and a kid walking with his mom through the concourse starts pointing and yells 'MOM!, MOM!, IT'S OLD MAN LOGAN!'

I spin around, looking for Hugh Jackman, thinking he's is right behind me. I didn't see anything but a mass of people and I turn back around and the kid had stopped in front of me and was just staring. His mom says 'You do look like Hugh Jackman'.

It could be worse.

I could look like Jack Klugman.
hold on just one minute. The time I met you with my son in tow. You telling us now you're not Hugh? Well damn it to hell.

Much better picture than i had taken in my prison pose...lol