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2021 Spring Game Official Thread

One of the few negatives I got out of today's "game" was that every QB, EXCEPT AM, can not complete a pass if pushed outside the pocket. Haarberg throws into the ground and Smothers throws out of bounds. Yes, there were maybe a few passes that may have been completed by the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th string QB's scrambling but they were very few and in between. I will say, though, QB speed by all QB's is impressive and all of them (especially Smothers, IMO) would of had a ton of yards if not for the "I reached out and got a finger on you shirt as you ran away from me tackle" thing.
The QB's can burn. That is part of the offense, the QB run. I thought some of Haarbergs tosses to the ground were actually good passes while on the run and trying to hit a covered Wideout by throwing low, instead of forcing a pass. Felt the same way about the yards that were left because of the touch rule.


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Making any season prediction based on a Spring scrimmage is completely, totally ridiculous imo. Coaches are looking at many different aspects that most fans (myself included) have no clue about. Just was a lot of fun watching and also seeing our fans back in the stands.
Yeah I agree! I’ve never put much stock in spring games. I do think Manning, Toure, and Martin look like legitimate BIG wide receivers. I was really impressed with Yant and the Polar Bear. I think in spring you can look at how the bodies have changed from winter conditioning. I really think our team looks stronger and leaned down. I have thought our offensive linemen where fat since Pelini. They are looking leaner to me.


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Nebraska sucks! Nebraska is great!

You might say they're...

"good n terrible?"


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