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2021 SG Quaran McPherson, 6-4, 181 lbs, Branson (MO) is 'N'

Red Don

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2021 SG Quaran McPherson, 6-4, 181 lbs, Link Year Prep (from NYC) is 'N'

Out-of-the Blue Recruit.
Some back-story here: (as I can piece it together :Redface:)
Sought-after recruit in 2017/18 via Patrick School; Christ the King; Woodstock Academy, winding up at Link Year Prep in Branson, Mo. McPherson tore his ACL and meniscus at some point in 2018 and dropped off everyone's radar. East Coaster fm NYC. Matt A recruiter.
Knows & childhood friends w/ C.J. & Simeon Wilcher.