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2021 schedule released


Husker Fan
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Going to play a series in Texas, why not play someone out of conference. Well at least we get Meechicken at home


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Not much of a home schedule but hopefully the snow will be gone. No tourney does not bode well for the B10.
16 games. I haven't looked at everyone else scheudle to see if anyone else has that amout of games at home.


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I thought Michigan making it to the championship series in the College World Series would be a sign that the Big Ten actually gave a crap about baseball.....

I guess not....


Round Rock
Friday 3pm
Saturday 10am (DH)
Sunday 10am

Friday 3pm
Saturday 9am
Sunday 10am & 2pm

Evan Bland tweeted the above.


No fans allowed.

Players have a pass list of 4 people, so besides coaches tickets, university employees, media members, advisors/agents & scouts - there won't be fans at B1G games in 2021. Obviously this could change at any point but that's where it is right now.

Absolutely ridiculous, even moreso with the NCAA announcing allowed attendance at post-season events.