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2021 MLB

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Hooked on Huskers

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Now days lots of infield shift position. Used to be very rare.

I still didn't understand why not use southpaw catcher. Exclusively right-handed catchers :Confused:
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The narrative could be that this Braves team doesn't belong here because they were only 88 game winners. The truth is that this team really only rounded out into form in the second half. During that second half the Bravos only lost 16 games.

Matzek and Rosario so huge. Those are the sort of cluth performances you need to be able to almost expect in order to win a World Series.

Couldn't think of a team I'd rather beat on the other side than the Astro's. For me there is still too prominent a stain on that organization for the cheating. It seems to me anybody that doesn't have strong feelings either way will root for the Braves.

Let's Go Braves


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Astros beat the crap out of both sox, always loved the Atlanta rivalry before the switch to the American league. May the best team win. Go stros!
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