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2021 JUCO combo guard Keisei Tominaga. 'N'


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The 6-foot-1 freshman is currently averaging 15.0 points per game at Ranger and is shooting 50 percent from 3-point range (23-of-46) while making just under four threes per game.

His coach at Ranger is former Kentucky and Texas A&M head coach Billy Gillispie.

Tominaga was a star in the youth ranks while playing in Japan. He averaged a whopping 39.8 ppg at the Japanese Winter Cup and then put up 19.3 points and 2.1 rebounds per game at the 2018 FIBA Asian Championships for the Japan National Team.


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First French; Now we have to learn Japanese Too!!! :Redface: :wink:

彼が5'11 "だけだと心配している人はいますか。私はそうは思いません。

(Kare ga 5' 11" dakeda to shinpai shite iru hito wa imasu ka. Watashi wa sō wa omoimasen.)



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I love that coach FH isn't leaving any stone unturned to find the players he needs to win! That was UCONN's philosophy for years under Calhoun and it produced 3 NC's and career wins of 889! Not suggesting we're going to get the same results but you never know. UCONN absolutely stunk before Calhoun arrived so it's possible to produce great basket ball teams almost anywhere with great coaching.
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What's going on with that picture of Curry and Tominaga? That seems like an interesting story.