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2021 Hunter Sallis Millard North Offered


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Well, well...Fred seems to be walking in at a period of relative upturn in both local talent and eyes on that talent. Can’t take or get everyone, but it sounds like there are some higher profile guys in the upcoming classes in Omaha that are not just Red/Blue/Black offers. Will be interesting.

It would be pretty sweet if you could build a core 1 or 2 a year local, top targets national, and supplement with the transfer/JC market to keep on churnin’. How long will this wave of local talent last...a blip or a trend?

Good enough. Good stuff.

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With his stock now higher than ever, Sallis said his recruitment was “wide open” and he’s “just enjoying the process as he enters his junior year.
But Nebraska remains at the forefront. After taking an unofficial visit on June 19 to meet new head coach Fred Hoiberg and staff in person, Sallis said he’s maintained regular contact with the Huskers ever since.
In fact, Sallis will be back in Lincoln on Oct. 4-6 for an official visit, the first and only official he’s set so far.
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