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2021 G/F, Eric Van Der Heijden, No. Carolina - Offered (NE not in his cut)


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When I see something like this, it makes me wonder why he would look so far west, when schools like North Carolina, Duke, and other good bball schools are in that region. I would guess that those schools didn't offer or already have the guy they were looking for, and left the door open for other schools. I like the idea of getting these big guys on our roster, seems something we haven't had much of as of late.


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No (reported) offer - Yet But!!!!

First, I hate this video. Jerky closeups, added 'grain' to make it look...I don't know, retro? Anyway, beyond that...Damn! This is a very complete looking offensive player. Defense could be a liability, which might be why we aren't seeing much and he doesn't seem to have offers from some of the stronger local schools, but this is a guy who not only scores from about anywhere on the court, but see's the court and gets the ball to guys who are open. He could have a ball in Fred's offense.
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