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2021 C Wilhelm Breidenbach 4 star, Mater Dei (CA) is 'N'

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Moved to main forum since he has committed! :Mfclap: (no longer a recruit)

Wilhelm Breidenback probably deserves his own thread now
" in no rush to make his college decision, but #Nebrasketball is still near the top of his list… "

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I think we’ll need to figure out how to use him defensively. He’s got long arms and looks like he can time shot blocking when he’s off the ball. I’d hate to see him have to match up with some of the bigger 5s in the league. He needs a bigger 4 to do the banging, and he can be the weak side shot blocker. The McHale comparison is spot on. Kevin was far more effective as a shot blocker, especially early in his career, when playing the offside help to Parrish and Bird.

The kid might be the highest-rated in history (by the usual services) to sign with Nebraska. Quite a pick up.
Go Big Fred!

According to the 247 composite, he's #92 in the country. That's 2nd top 100 recruit we've had and trails only Glynn Watson who was #76. I'm not sure how far back their rankings go.

He kind of looks like Kevin McHale; and I don't mean the actor, even though he looks like him, as well. :Biggrin:


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