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2021 C Adama Sanogo > UCONN


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2021 C Adama Sanogo will virtually visit on Tuesday:

6'9" 250#
Patrick School (NJ) by way of Mali

Hope we get this guy, sounds like a good player and a good school to have a relationship with.

Husker Adama... so say we all.
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Some video (22min) for your viewing pleasure: (I Hope we get him! :nod:)

Just some comments I found elsewhere:
Here's Sanogo going up against two legitimate 7 footers, one of them a Duke commit.
A great young player. Similarities to Yvan, this kid is wildly skilled for his (big) size. Much faster than I thought he'd be. Elite footwork and a fantastic left hand. He's a legit top 10 center.
Stat line: 26pts, 12rb, 1a (though he is a talented passer if you watch), 7 steals, 2 blocks.

Some video (22min) for your viewing pleasure: (I Hope we get him! :nod:)

Just some comments I found elsewhere:

Was looking for Cookie Belcher on the IMG sideline, but I didn't see him. When I looked it up, he's no longer on the coaching list there. Hope he's found a way to move forward!

Other Husker offers on the Patrick School's team:
2020 SG Zarique Nutter, 6'5"
2021 SF Jonathan Kuminga, 6'9"
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Sanogo is a perfect B1G/Big East player. Very strong, is moving and looking to gain position well. Not always finishing on his first attempt, but follows up very well. Runs the floor well enough to play Fred’s pace. I also got a kick out of the couple of Samson Johnson highlights I saw. 6’10” and drilled a nice 3. I think Fred would love a 6’10 guy who could block some shots, rebound and fire the outlet, then be able to drill some 3s while trailing the break.

Looking at his reasons for choosing UCONN, Adama Sanogo, may have a point.

“I picked UConn because it’s the best place for me,” Sanogo said. “I picked them because their coach uses their big man. I watched a lot of their games this year and I liked how they played their big men.”

A little more on the Brighter Side:

Well, this is really good for all of you because I was planning on 4-5 years of Battlestar Galactica quotes.


Would have really liked to see him in Scarlet and Cream. So say we all.


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