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2020 Practice Schedule Preseason Update: Fall Camp Is Done

Bleed Red

Scout Team
5 Year Member
Now that you mention it I didn't hear him say Martinez, McCaffrey, Robinson, Farniak, Jurgens, etc. practiced all week either. I think Callahan has an agenda... :Facepalm:
Maybe not an agenda, but i found it interesting that he specifically said he Manning practiced all week but Lubick did not say that in the interview posted online. Maybe he got a sidebar or messaged him directly.

Powder Creek

5 Year Member
So, according to this

1-7 meets expectations
3-5 exceeds expectations
4-4 greatly exceeds expectations
5 or more wins is land of the unknown

It's not easy to say, but going .500 with significant signs of improvement should probably be enough to calm our nerves. However, I will feel like entertaining a minor celebration if the team can manage 5-3 and beat at least 2 of the 3 leaders in our division.