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2020 Practice Schedule Preseason Update: Fall Camp Is Done


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I like that Manning was practicing, but i watched the press conference posted and i didn't hear anything about Manning practicing all week as this article says. Was there additional questions that were not in the footage posted? Maybe Callahan had a private zoom with Lubick after the main one? I normally like his stuff, but to say "this is a few things that could happen" is about as fluffy a piece as there is.

Not necessarily asking RR, but the house in general.
Now that you mention it I didn't hear him say Martinez, McCaffrey, Robinson, Farniak, Jurgens, etc. practiced all week either. I think Callahan has an agenda... :Facepalm:


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I believe AM will be named the starter but in my opinion he’s going to have to play his tail off to keep it...and that’s a good thing. It’s something this program hasn’t had in the past 30 plus years ...QB competition.
Tommy and Brook 25 year ago?
Bobby and Eric 21-22 years ago?
Joe vs Sam 13 years ago?

Admittedly not much since but that is less than 30 years
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