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2020 Practice Schedule Preseason Update: Fall Camp Is Done

Elwood von Kiowa

Grad Assistant
5 Year Member
Over/under on when our first day in full pads will be?

I know 9/30 will be the latest, but any chance the stragglers will get access to the daily tests before then?


Cyber Traveler
10 Year Member
Make sure you read the whole as most of the guesses are at the bottom of the article


After Michigan/Ohio State and Ohio State/Penn State, what is the next most attractive game on the Big Ten schedule?
  • 42% Nebraska/Ohio State (Oct. 24) (30 votes)

  • 24% Wisconsin/Michigan (Nov. 14) (17 votes)

  • 29% Penn State/Michigan (Nov. 28) (21 votes)

  • 6% Ohio State/Michigan State (Dec. 5) (4 votes)
72 votes total

Me too! 10 times... :Biggrin: