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2020 Potential transfers

Red Don

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Thinking about all our offers out for 2020, and beyond, and the limited number of scholarships, it is inevitable we are going to 'Miss-Out' on a huge number of them, virtually all highly-rated players we'd accept in a heart-beat (not that all that many of 'em would come here in the first place ;))

Having said that, I did read elsewhere a thought/rational for our plethora of offers that I thought might be worth repeating here.

One thing that crossed my mind when thinking about Hoibergs high school recruiting is how much of it is gauged towards the future transfer market?

And what i mean by that is how many of these 2020 kids is he just trying to build a relationship with and get his foot in the door for when they transfer in 2021 or 2022?

I would guess that an ideal number of scholarships to be filling every year is 3 to 5. Which means if we are hitting that 2-3 RS transfer mark most years we are only bringing in a couple high school recruits every year.

To paraphrase someone else, it seems like a smart strategy. Even if you miss out on them out of HS, you've got relationships established for when they decided to transfer a year or two from now.

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1/31/20: Another name for us to keep track of: Dontrell Shuler, Charleston Southern > Middle Tenn.
(Brother of Devontae Shuler, rising star at Ole MIss.)

UPDATE: as of 4/2/20 no change in status for Dontrell Shuler. He does not appear to have committed anywhere yet.

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>>> Kobe King is 'N' Not Coming to Nebraska :confused:

Another Very Interesting Name: Kobe King, recently of Wisconsin! o_O

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Here's Another to keep an eye on: Ed Croswell from La Salle

EDIT: Committed to Providence!

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>>> Kobe Webster is 'N'

Another to keep an eye on: Kobe Webster, 6'0" Guard who can shoot (Grad Transfer)

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Another potential transfer to keep an eye on.

Erik Stevenson from Wichita State.
(EDIT: apparently Huskers not included in his top 5 list)

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Another potential transfer to keep an eye on: Quinnipiac Grad Transfer Kevin Marfo, leading rebounder in the country (13rpg).

EDIT: Huskers not in his top Five!
> Committed to to Texas A&M!

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Another potential transfer to keep an eye on: Va Tech Landers Nolley II, sit one to play three.

EDIT: Huskers did not make the cut on his list!

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And another Huskers have reached out to: Trey McGowens, 6-0, SG, Pitt Is 'N'

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