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2020 Official Visits (Posts #1-3) / 2019 Junior Days & 2019 Spring Game (#4) / 2019 Camps (#5)

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Finally getting the OV pages updated...

Of the 56 OVs the staff has the 2019-2020 cycle, they have used 37 through the early signing period and have 19 left for the cycle. One of those 19 left is being used the weekend of January 18, so the staff should have between 10-15 or so to use for 2021 recruits after the February signing period through this summer. I will be starting a 2021 OV thread later tonight, hopefully, since Junior Day is next weekend.


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Darn near the while coaching staff visited him

Will make his decision on NSD #2 this coming Wednesday 5 February.

Said even his parents do not know who his choice will be

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Getting the last in-home visit is normally a pretty good thing, right? Would make a nice signing day announcement and make @Huskerthom happy. Not to mention he might be a good player. ;)

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He has stated that he wants to take a mission. How does that effect the scholarship numbers? I know they NCAA allows the 5 year window to pause for this but do the count towards the 85 when they go?