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2020 Official Visits (Posts #1-3) / 2019 Junior Days & 2019 Spring Game (#4) / 2019 Camps (#5)

All 'N' 011808

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Is Nash Hutmacher coming to your junior day this weekend?
The staff would love for that to happen, but I don't know if he has a wrestling tournament this weekend or not.

Edit: Just found that his wrestling team has the Stanley County Invitational on Saturday.
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All 'N' 011808

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Turner Corcoran is already on the Junior Day visitor list; one of the top OL prospects is coming back to Lincoln this weekend.


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Junior Day - February 2
OT Turner Corcoran, Kansas (He has been on several unofficial visits to Lincoln.)
DT Kevon Billingsley, Missouri
OLB Antonio Doyle, Missouri
CB Dontae Manning, Missouri
WDE Travion Ford, Missouri
RB Deondre Jackson, Georgia
SDE Cooper Davis, Florida
2021 Recruits
DT Gabriel Rubio, Missouri (Unofficial visit for 2018 Illinois game)

Travion Ford is a 2021.

Betts and Watts are both supposed to be there.
Mookie Cooper and Antonio Johnson, also.