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2020 Official Visits (Post #2) / 2019 Junior Days (#3) / 2019 Spring Game (#4) / 2019 Camps (#5)


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He may have been embarrassed to put it in the tweet.
Have to click on the link to see full pic. Then it is down by his feet. But I really like the idea of Illinois being in the top 3, yet being too embarrassed to include them. Was really hoping it wasn't there.

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Rule of thumb to live by, if a kid in California is a priority target for USC, he can play. McCullough is one of those.
Normally I would say we don't have much of a chance to pull a kid from Cali if U$C really wants him. But given the state of U$C right now we might actually have a chance here.

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HUGE visit (Ohio State game) that puts us squarely in the ball game. Thought from a few folks that this might put us over the top

Has already taken an OV to Wisconsin

Ohio State game is fast becoming on the biggest recruiting weekends in quote sometime

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