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2020 Lauren Ware, 6-5, Century HS, Bismarck, ND

Red Don

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Good Article on 2020 prospect from Bismarck, ND. Huskers are in her top ten.

As I understand it she could have a WBB scholarship and play VB without using a VB one (VB is allowed 3 less scholarships than WBB)

"Basketball, volleyball and a bucket full of ice for two-sport recruit Lauren Ware"

The pounding her body takes while playing two sports is why she keeps the ice packs at the ready. Safe to say they're doing their job.

Ware said she wants to play basketball and volleyball in college, and coaches at the schools recruiting her say they're on board. Two weeks ago, she took her first official visit, to Nebraska, and she had breakfast with the Nebraska basketball and volleyball coaches.

"On my visit [to Nebraska], they mapped it out, and [playing both] seems doable. It's kind of rare to play both. I like that -- it makes it special."