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2020 Husker offers


Husker Geek
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And Then There's This! :thumbsup:

ooh, a twist in the plot.

Ben Carlson
2020 prospect, 6'9", ~210#, PF, 4*
St. Paul, MN (East Ridge)

247 has him with 5 crystal balls, 3 to Stanford, 1 to Wisconsin, and the other I can't read because lack of membership. Most recent CB was from February.
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Just thought I'd add some video for Caleb (CJ) Wilcher shooting (Fred Likes :Drool:)

:Thumbsdown: What a piss-poor job of filming. That's almost impossible to watch, what with the camera swinging back and forth trying to follow the shooter AND the shot. It should have been filmed from a little distance.

Red Don

Water Boy
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2020 SG, Bryce Thompson, 6'3, 180 lbs, Tulsa, OK

Top 150 kid, was in KC last week-end.

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