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2019 Recruiting Class National Signing Day Thread #1 (12/19/18)


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OSU has been pretty good. Mizzou has done OK since they left the big 12. CU has had a few good years.
Carson Lee is a big time OL recruit from Colorado and Nebraska signee Michael Lynn's teammate...
CU has had what 1 decent team since they left the Big XII in 2016, and they were smoked in the Alamo Bowl by Okie State that season. NU doesn't have the best record in recent years but I would bet we continue to poach Colorado's best players based on our coaching staff, facilities, et. al.
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“If you’re a football fan and followed our offense, I think you see the type of firepower it has, and I think that lends itself to having recruits want to come play in this offense," Frost said. "We had a great start and covered a lot of ground in year one. Offensively, still want to get better. Speaking to the last job we had, they were second-to-last in the country in offense when we got there and in two years we were the No. 1 scoring offense in the United States.

"This one’s heading in the same direction particular with Adrian (Martinez) at the controls. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in the country. You know if I was a skill player on offense, I’d want to come play with a guy like that.”
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