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2019 Recruiting Class National Signing Day Thread #1 (12/19/18)

Red Reign

Husker Immortal
10 Year Member
Big day tomorrow with 20+ LOIs expected to be signed. Expect a surprise or two also.

Last week of school before the Christmas Break so I will be at work following this thread as the good news flows N.



Scout Team
10 Year Member
Why does Rivals have McCaffrey listed as an Athlete? Is it not a given that he's a qb at the next level?


All American
10 Year Member
Should be 24 LOI's (21 current commits plus 3 new commits) if all goes as expected. Expect Ty Robinson, Banks, and Fritzche to be "N". Summerall . . . not so much. Desmond Bland will not sign tomorrow but all other commits should.