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2019 New Offers Going Out


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Very nice!
He was one of the top performers at Nebraska's FNL camp this past summer. He measured 6-1, 211 and ran in the 4.6 range. This, after taking home LB MVP honors from the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp in Chicago in May. Along with someone like Luke Reimer, this is an ideal walk-on.
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Denzel Daxon is back in play. 6' 1" 315, DT, Miami, FL. He was previously committed to Louisville and is a December graduate.


247 shows offers from: Louisville, Miami, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Nebraska and Tennessee. Rivals shows the same offers minus Miami.
Kids pretty new to the sport. Originally from the Bahamas. He's at his third different high school, which always raises a red flag about academics and eligibility. Sort of like Maurice Washington in that you gotta look at what credits transfer, etc. Washington was a bit different, of course, but I guarantee coaches never like to deal with a kid and his transcripts when it comes to multiple schools. The kid has a ton of potential, though. When you have as many spots as Nebraska does, like SSO and I have said, it's worth the risk on kids with his talent - especially at a position like d-line. With that, normally my spidey senses go off with a kid who is at high school #3 and had already committed - and decomitted - twice.

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This is a perfect example of a kid getting looks from several teams after the early signing period and teams reshuffling their board. Miami, Virginia Tech, TCU, Maryland and UCLA have also recently offered.
i would think we would have had an early jump on it considering the family ties to the blackshirts, but it doesn't seem to have worked out that way - hopefully, it will give us an edge now that the offer is in


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Brandon Mack, WDE that Nebraska offered de-committed from Pitt. Position of need. Any chance we can get him to visit?


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OK @N2FL or @ShortSideOption Just watched his video. He is driving guys into the next zip code. Seems quick to get to blocks at the next level. I did not see him pull but that could be because the offense they run does not pull allot. So why not higher rated. This kid looks better than the under weight guy yesterday.
He plays for our rival high school and my son plays travel soccer with his younger brother... he's solid and a hard worker. He had been a soccer player before really getting too big to do so effectively; but, we know from Suh that soccer skills translate well to football footwork. He's also a very good heavy weight wrestler...again, footwork and body leverage are key skills that are good for an o-lineman.
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