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2019 B1G Media Days

I kind of wish they would have asked AM to compare himself to some of the film of Scott Frost in his college days. The perfect response would have been like this. "Well first of all I'm a lot better looking......chicks really dig me. Second of all I'm smarter. I choose the right college the first time and lastly coach frost threw the ball like he was still chucking the shot put!" Would have been hilarious to watch SF absorb that one.

News this morning from Chicago about everyone's favorite penalty ...

Chris Heady is just being a typical journalist and not reporting all the facts.

I like the direction they're going with the rule. There's no more "well, the video was inconclusive so we're just going to eject him anyway". If they can't back up the targeting call with video, the call is overturned. I guess we'll see how that plays out.

Also interesting is the change to the OT rules. Starting with the 5th OT, they line up at the 3 YL and just run PATs only. But I'm a bit confused on that, because the graphic said it would be 2-pt tries, while Carollo said they would be going for a "TD" try. So will they award 2 points or 6 for a score? I ask because, could a team choose to go for a FG from the 3? Would it then count for 3 points or 1?
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