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2018 PF Chang offered - SDSU, SLCC, Mizzou


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I didn't realize Taylor was from Nebraska, i thought he had transferred in, but evidently i don't watch it that closely. Was he from Omaha?
Sorry, I wasn't clear: Evan Taylor is from Cincinnati. I meant that type of "glue" player, that doesn't show up big on the box score but makes the team work better. I think there are guys like Evan that UNL can pull from in-state. That increases the "ownership" of the team by both fans and players. It's just more fun to cheer for a kid from Nebraska. There are several in-state players that Nebraska hasn't offered, and it's a bit frustrating to watch. Maybe Thor goes nuts this year and stretches the floor, but maybe he's just a taller Justin Costello.

Shereef Mitchell's dad played at UNL for a while, no offer. There's a grad transfer, Scott, from Omaha that hasn't heard from UNL. Even a walk-on/scholarship guy that had signed with Craig Smith at USD that didn't get a sniff who is looking at Creighton. Ed Chang, David Wingett, etc. There are players in Nebraska, they just don't play for Nebraska.